Emerging :: Cult of Gemini

Emerging Sculpture

Coming out of the cocoon

The New Year of 2015 is here and my word of the year is Emerging. Kathy Frey, my red-headed Gemini star twin and I have found our selves on similar paths these last 5 years. Both of us emotionally and artistically hibernating, gestating, deep in our cocoons while the universe and our psyches reshaped who we are.

When the stars aligned and we met a little more than a year ago, we simultaneously woke from our deep slumbers. Till now we have both be stretching and getting our bearings; talking to each other in excited hushed tones, wandering through our darker corridors, peaking behind the veils of our surface selves, wanting to see more, feel more, do more.

Now this year, the Year of the Ram, we will breakthrough our shells and step into the world in a new way. We don’t know what is in store, and we hope you want to come along for the ride.

About Rachel "Ginger" Lazarus

I'm a post-feminist, ex-showgirl, looking to make a fulfilling life in the country with my fella, our girls, our dog, and "the ladies" our dozen chickens.
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