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The Authentic Life: How Deep The Ruts of Tradition… « Bedlam Farm Journal

“If you are out there and reading this, close your eyes and take heart.  Do not cry for your life, as you are radiant. The wind will come and fetch you, and carry you home and the angels will sing … Continue reading

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Enter Starbuck…

    As my life of a boss begins, I’ve hired my first employee. My mentor and my boss before I came to this new adventure, told me to look for something special when interviewing. Something that catches your attention. … Continue reading

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“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

  I was inspired this morning by my two favorite blogs: Believing What You Think. Spirituality and Disaster « Bedlam Farm Journal, and  ENCHANTED ELIXIR.  I keep feeling like I don’t have time to write, and be expressive. I remember now … Continue reading

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