Rachel Lazarus (aka Blue Damsel) is passionate about finding a new way of being in this ever-changing world. Her dreams include finding a partner who shares her desires (check!), buying some property to call her own (with said partner–the PF–of course), keeping bees, growing herbs and food, having chickens, and maybe sheep, and finding a way to heal the planet, stopping the corporate madness that will eventually kill us all.

The Lady Blue has spent more than twenty years as a professional  bellydancer, and for a shorter time, as a showgirl. Most recently she has put on the hat of accountant and manager, using all she has learned about people and business to good use managing the California College of Ayurveda, as well as free-lance consulting for other businesses that fit her vision of the world.

Ms. Lazarus has very recently found her way into a path of service that is leading her to her dreams. Rachel is grateful for the people in her life who have trusted her to do things that many people felt were impossible. She looks forward to helping create more impossible things. This is going to be one wild ride…

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