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Step-mom Journal: Left Out

I can’t think of anything that I’ve done or accomplished that is more difficult than blending families. And I think the role of “step-mom” may be the hardest thing I ever do. I truly do try my hardest stay grounded, … Continue reading

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Dax’s Dozen

Dax is one of the hens of the second batch–the ones liberated from the feed store a couple of months after getting our baby chicks. The Great Chicken Liberation was much more of a response to the squalor they appeared … Continue reading

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I can’t go for that

Last night finally arrived. I met my Mom for dinner at Tres Agaves in Roseville for dinner. We had a decent meal and margarita’s then headed to the main event: Hall and Oats, at the Thunder Valley Casino. We’d been … Continue reading

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Life’s not so bad here.

When we first moved to Grass Valley, my daughter Falyn thought that her life was might be utterly ruined. She had no friends, and we live in kind of a rural area, houses around, but not many kids. She spent … Continue reading

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What I learned the first day at my new job…

Everyone is VERY nice and seem to support each other. Money is tight, but they are making the dream happen. If you tear up (*sniff*) during meditation, no one will tell you about your mascara–and you’ll discover you look more … Continue reading

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Its a New Dawn, Its a New Day…

Today I start my new job. And while I’m excited to be moving to a new phase in my life, I haven’t thought much about the job itself. Over the long weekend, I spent two blissful days alone. The PF … Continue reading

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