Enter Starbuck…

As my life of a boss begins, I’ve hired my first employee. My mentor and my boss before I came to this new adventure, told me to look for something special when interviewing. Something that catches your attention. Obviously you’ll only be interviewing candidates who are qualified on paper. She also made mention that they should appear to be able to lead themselves, and possibly others out of a paper bag. Ha. 
Being a long time lover of BSG (Battlestar Galactica-the new series), when a resume with the name “Starbuck” came across my desk, I nearly peed my pants. I did squeal a bit. She had all of the qualifications I was looking for, and a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. Add a slight bit of sarcasm during the interview, and I was sold.
She started yesterday, and I am thoroughly impressed. She’s smart, sassy, and knows her stuff. It feels really great to have someone like that on your team. To immediately feel the support of tasks taken over. Now I’m just hoping she doesn’t go rogue. The good one’s eventually do. We shall see….

About Rachel "Ginger" Lazarus

I'm a post-feminist, ex-showgirl, looking to make a fulfilling life in the country with my fella, our girls, our dog, and "the ladies" our dozen chickens.
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One Response to Enter Starbuck…

  1. Kate Brown Tharler says:

    Oh Yes Being the Boss….Who ever you hire should be your ears, eyes, back, nose…and…ASS!!!!…
    Boy do I need a sleep over….Brigiette…you and a good chardoney..and food……Faylon nos
    ing in ..food..Mckenna..being …bossy..and some more food and drink…you know girl stuff…and I reallly love chickens..

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