What I learned the first day at my new job…

  • Everyone is VERY nice and seem to support each other.
  • Money is tight, but they are making the dream happen.
  • If you tear up (*sniff*) during meditation, no one will tell you about your mascara–and you’ll discover you look more goth than when you’ve tried to look goth on purpose, SEVERAL HOURS LATER.
  • Some people own (control) things, others don’t want the responsibility.
  • I’m painfully overdressed and can’t afford to go shopping just now. (clip clop clip clop of the high heals and black clothes–oh jeez, they DO think I’m goth….)
  • There is no coffee allowed on the premises, nor smoking.
  • Everyone has HIGH expectations of me.
  • My hair is already aware of its new surroundings and immediately began to try to escape the confines of the hair clips.
  • I’m close to identifying the seven personality types as described by the PF. He figured them out in bars, I think they are the same in the office.
  • I can’t wait to do some things.

About Rachel "Ginger" Lazarus

I'm a post-feminist, ex-showgirl, looking to make a fulfilling life in the country with my fella, our girls, our dog, and "the ladies" our dozen chickens.
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3 Responses to What I learned the first day at my new job…

  1. Tatty Franey says:

    I’m so curious as to where you are working and what you are doing 🙂 and of so many other things! It feels like the birthday you spent in London with us was a lifetime ago… good times 🙂

    • Tatty, I cherish the memory of that birthday with you lovelies!! Maybe it was a lifetime ago, but it is dear to my heart. I’m working at a wonderful place: California College of Ayurveda. Its an incredible change for me. Om Shanti. 🙂

  2. Tatty Franey says:

    oh wow!!! i’ve always wanted to study ayurveda, i hope you can enjoy every minute of it! xxx

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