Ladies Man

The PF is definately a ladies man. Being the sole male presence on a 16 female farm (three humans, 12 chickens, and a dog–all girls) can’t be easy. Especially when all of the females know what they want and will likely bowl you over to get it-and do.

We have lately been discussing the “ascention of women” as a force in our society. To his point, if you look at the media, every sitcom has a smart capable mom who takes care of everything and has all the right answers, and a dopey, if funny father figure that seems to make some money, but generally seems to be there to open jars, carry heavy stuff, kill bugs, and bring home a paycheck.

Not only does this seem to be true, but many women I know treat their men as if they were idiots. I am one of these women. It destroyed my last marriage, and I can see it at work chipping away at my new relationship. I am appalled at myself. Feminism was meant to bring about equality–not the subjugation of our relationship partners. I do not want that. As the pendulum swings too far the other way, I realize that I am a Post-Feminist–a woman dealing with the residual wreckage which seems to come with any type of revolution. I want to have a partner that I trust, that I respect, and that gives the same to me. But how do I get there from this condescending place where I live? I need help. Enter Rori Raye.

I have found that not only does she get it right, but she seems to have a magical way of getting you to trust yourself. Feel what you feel, be yourself at all times–and talk to your man in a way that conveys your love and trust in him WHILE MAINTAINING YOUR OWN SENSE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN WANTS/NEEDS. Huh? Wha? How can that even be possible? Some women do this naturally.

Rori’s methods work, when I can remember to use them. These are not headtrips, mind games, or any other such things. Just a way of being that gives my man a place of honor in my life, and also honors me equally. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted all along? I didn’t intend for this to be a commercial, and Rori has no idea even who I am. I just downloaded her ebook and found it very effective,(

What this is about, is NOT treading all over our men (or letting them tread on us), and receding back just a bit to a place of shared relationship responsibility. And trusting (read: ALLOWING) them to do their part. And if they don’t? Guess what? They are not relationship material. Its time to stop rowing the boat ladies, and stop buying into the “I can (have to) do it all” myth.

The Pater Familia is the father of the family, and the director of our relationship. Can women do that job? Sure. But why do we want to? We’ve been told, trained, or we simply believe that if we don’t do it, he won’t either. We don’t even give them a chance.

In this new world order, my job is to communicate what I want and what I don’t want, in a way that he can hear. And that’s it. Which somehow is way more difficult for me than directing the relationship. I’m committed to doing my part and I trust him to do his. Isn’t that what love is about? Commitment and trust? Lets do this.

About Rachel "Ginger" Lazarus

I'm a post-feminist, ex-showgirl, looking to make a fulfilling life in the country with my fella, our girls, our dog, and "the ladies" our dozen chickens.
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  1. Hope Haynie says:

    Excellent article !

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